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Enchanté Studios: Portrait Masterclass


masterclass content:



  • Shooting with natural light
  • Posing & direction for different purposes
  • Understanding body symmetry
  • Creating connection with your client
  • Camera Gear; Lenses: Studio/Outdoor
  • Camera Settings: Studio/Outdoor; Morning/Evening


  • Lightroom to Photoshop Workflow
  • Presets & Actions: Clean, crisp, natural light photos
  • Editing techniques for everyday people (non-commercial)

choose your class:


aed 1000. shooting in natural light

If you're a pro-retoucher but a not-so Portrait Photographer eager to be better at shooting and directing, this class is perfect for you.

aed 2000. editing:Lr to ps workflow

If you've mastered shooting portraits but can't seem to get around retouching them naturally, get a seat to this class.


aed 3000. Shooting & Editing

If you're keen to master the art of shooting & editing your own portraits; ready to build a brand & a strong bond with your clients, the ultimate masterclass is for you.

aed 6000. Shooting & Editing + mentorship

After the masterclass on the 7th, you'll have a scheduled 3-session-per-week, 2-week mentorship with Shyrell herself: guided shoot for portfolio-building, access to the studio; building a brand (incl. website & social media), guides to licensing & pricing.


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From the 17th-20th of August, enter code EARLYBIRD to get AED 500 off of Bundle 3.

Pay Business Bundle in full and save AED 1000.

Please check your e-mail after booking for Payment Terms & Final Confirmation.

saturday, 7 september 2018 • 8:30AM-6pm


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